Eat A Pint of Ice-Cream

When I went into the “baby” industry I heard all kinds of crazy things. That is probably partly why I became a doula… so I could educate people properly. About all things birth,and after birth:)

One of the things I pride myself on in my pre-natal practice is being real… being honest. I used to be a major dreamer but now I realize that I am actually a realist. I think it’s important for women/couples to be prepared and educated before entering as my friend  calls it ” vietnam” better known as the labor and delivery room:) The same goes for afterward. Parenting is difficult. Especially when it is is your first baby.

For those of you that have had babies you know that often we hear other women’s experiences and we compare ourselves to them. We get down on ourselves because our babies are not latching properly ( in fact our nipples are ground beef) our babies are not sleeping through the night, our babes are too skinny. This is the part of my job as an educator and as a mother that makes me crazy.

I recently chatted with a woman that had just had a baby. The baby was not even two months old. My friend and I were sitting drinking coffee when she set her beautiful baby down next to me. Of course being the baby freak I am I instantly ooed and awed about how beautiful her baby was. We started chatting and she said “I am just so tired” and we responded with ” oh yeah… we get it. We have six kids between us and we get how tiring it is”. We then got to talking about how many woman talk about how well everything is going and make others feel somehow inadequate if it isn’t. She shared how her baby was not putting on weight so she went to the Dr. The advise the Dr. gave her was to eat a pint of Hagen Daas Ice cream every afternoon. THIS was the advise the Dr. gave her! I can tell you that in all of the years of being and educator.. being a mother I have never heard of such advise. Ice-cream does not make your milk thicker or more bountiful. Milk does not make milk. Beer??? Yes, maybe but ice-cream??? No.

Chatting with this woman reminded me once again that it is so important to get the right information.  To have a group of people you can trust, ask questions  and to have a community of women that you can be yourself with. Where you leave feeling better than when you came, not more inadequate. And sure if you like to eat ice cream? Then do it,  not because it makes your milk thicker but simply because it tastes good and you just feel like eating a pint of Hagen Daas.