So it’s been a while since I have written. Months actually and part of that is because  we have been going through a lot of change. Before I was married and had children I thrived on change. Change of jobs, change of countries which by default meant change of friends etc. It excited me. I needed it. For many years my mom refused to write my address in her permanent address book because she knew it would change within months.

Then I had kids..and the change was different. Change of diapers, change of baby food change of sleep patterns. But my location for the most part stayed the same. Somehow now I didn’t want things to change. I didn’t want my babies to grow up, to start venturing out and sometimes change  scared me. I got comfortable in my neighbourhood, my school, my coffee shop and my everyday people.

Many of you know that for the past 7 or 8 years we have been travelling back and forth to Whistler. In the beginning it was because the mountains were bigger and better for snowboarding. We both grew up with our families on the hill and our dream when we first met was to also have our family grow up on the mountain no matter what it took. Soon Whistler however became a place where we had community. Our church, our friends, and the mountain became a bonus. We often tossed around moving here full time. But the logistics just were not right. We lived accross the street from the school, we lived 10 minutes from the hospital we have great friends. But still we talked and struggled through here or there and deep down there was a fear of change.

Finally this past year the change began…we have never done things conventionally. Most people in Vancouver do not have four kids. Most people in Vancouver do not have four kids in a three bedroom home. We hear this all of the time. Ben began a new job that allowed more flexibiltiy, Journey was going into high school and some decisions needed to be made. Do we make the move full time to Whistler? Or do we settle down into our life in Vancouver.

We wrestled, we prayed, we laughed, we sought advise on all fronts and finally decided to do it. Now or never. We did not want to be pulling kids in and out of high schools. We did not want fear to paralyze us and to make our decisions for us.  We did not want the fear of Journey’s medical condition to dictate where we lived.  Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of judgement. We were leaving a wonderful school. A place where my kids were loved and supported. Only crazy people leave this school. It is number one and accross the street. Who does that?

So we packed up our house and packed up Sally and we hit the road Northbound. I had a lump in my throat as we drove away from Inverness St. It felt safe there. But I also had an excitement that only comes from change. Instead of looking at what we were leaving behind we looked forward to what would lie ahead on this new adventure. A new home, a new school, a new soccer team, new friends…We have been here for two months and the change has been good. There have been adjustments but welcome ones. And I realize that I am thankful that we did not allow the fear of what “may” happen or what people might say discourage us from making a change in life for our family. Who knows how long this adventure will last. But what I do know is sometimes we just have to do it… go out on a limb, swallow our fear and know deep down inside that even when it doesn’t make sense, or doesn’t “feel good” that change is exactly what we needed to do. I love this quote I recently read It sums up the way I want to live..

” Welcome the unexpected in life, learn to bend with grace.Let yourself be humble and never forget to look for the beauty change can bring” Author unknown

4 thoughts on “Change..

  1. Bravo, Julie! Enjoy your new journey with the family. I will miss you and the kids when Project CHEF visits Dickens this year. Please pass on a big hello to the children. Barb

  2. Roomie!
    That is so exciting 🙂 We need to visit very soon! Hard to believe our girls are in grade8! What?! Think of you often and love seeing your pics. Your children are beautiful just like you 😉 Say hi to Ben and the family for us 🙂

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